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Join the Campaign for Better, Fairer Rental Laws in WA

The Make Renting Fair Alliance is coalition of Western Australia’s key community organisations and people who rent their home.

We are working together to improve living conditions for approximately 750,000 renters in WA. Collectively we are campaigning for ten key changes to how renting is regulated in WA that would we believe will result in better outcomes for both tenants and landlords. 

We currently have a survey open to anyone who rents or has recently rented their home in WA and we'd love to hear from you- click here to complete our Renters Survey.

So far overt 600 renters have shared their stories with us!

We’ve heard stories that clearly demonstrate why better, fairer laws are needed for renters in WA: "I like doing year by year. I do worry that the landlord won't renew the lease after the year is up though" and  "I had to re-home my cat. I’m lonely without cat or dog."

We've also heard stories of fantastic landlords who make renting a great housing choice for some people: "Our old agents and owners both worked with us in ensuring the property was our home and we looked after it like it was our own" and "I feel like this is actually HOME since I don’t have to move for at least 5 years!"

We want to level the playing field so that more renters have positive renting experiences.  

Organisations from across our community are invited to join the Make Renting Fair Alliance because better, fairer laws for renters are good for everyone.

New Alliance members include: Vinnies, Council on the Aging WA, Financial Counsellors Association of WA and People with a Disability WA. We welcome these new members and many more!    
If you are part of a community organisation, a union, a local club or a business that includes renters, we invite you to become an organizational partner of the Make Renting Fair Alliance.  
By becoming a member of the Make Renting Fair Alliance, organisations will contribute to a once in a generation legal reform that will leave a lasting legacy of social justice for renters for many years to come.
How organisations can help:

  1. Become an official Make Renting Fair supporter with your logo on our website and be part of media and public statements in support of our campaign.
  2. Engage your members/clients in the campaign by sending them Make Renting Fair messages. 
  3. Liking and sharing our Facebook posts through your networks. 
  4. Partnering in events and campaign activities. 
  5. A financial contribution to grow the campaign – our aim is to raise $20,000. 

To become a partner drop us a line at info@makerentingfairwa.org.au or phone 6263 8560.

For more information on the campaign and how you can get involved visit https://www.makerentingfairwa.org.au