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Community Worker Hotline

If you work in a community support role, or for a community service organisation in WA, we can assist you to help your clients if they have a problem with their tenancy. We can offer you information, advice and specialised training so you can better understand tenancy issues and be able to support your clients.

We offer a dedicated hotline for community support workers, staffed by our lawyers and experienced tenant advocates.

The community worker hotline operates Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 4:00pm and is free for all community support workers.

The number for community workers is 08 6148 3637.

In order to provide you with legal advice about your client’s situation, we will need your client’s consent. The easiest method is for you to call us with your client present on a speakerphone. That way everyone can participate in the conversation and the client is hearing the advice first hand. If you call without your client present we will ask you to confirm client consent.

Before we can provide your client with legal advice, we will require the name of the property's landlord. Their name should be on the lease document, or if your client is renting through a Real Estate Agency, they can provide the landlord’s name. If you are having difficulty finding out the name, your client can contact the Bond Administrator at the WA Department of Commerce on 1300 853 829, and they will be able to help. We will also ask for names of other adults that live at the rental property. It is always best to have lease documentation with you when you contact us.

We encourage you to utilise the information available on this website. In particular the Common Problems and Fact Sheets sections should prove useful for you.

Last year we provided advice to community workers from over 60 different services as we work together to prevent homelessness and support tenants to remain in their homes.