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Tenancy WA – Merger

Tenancy WA has merged with two other community legal centres, the Employment Law Centre and The Humanitarian Group to form a new entity – Circle Green Community Legal. As of 1 October 2020, our services will be provided by Circle Green Community Legal. 

There will be a transitional period during which our resources will continue to be available on the Tenancy WA website. 


If you have a tenancy problem that is not covered by one of our fact sheets or you’ve read them and still need more information, you are welcome to contact us to request legal assistance.

The easiest way is to lodge a request by completing a request for legal assistance on the Circle Green Community Legal website. Once you complete this form, we will call you back to arrange for you to speak to a legal practitioner who specialises in tenancy law.

If your matter is urgent, or you are in crisis (for example, facing homelessness), you can try to call us immediately on (08) 6148 3636 or for country callers 1800 621 888

If you rent your home and you are having a problem, in a lot of cases you can resolve the issue yourself when you understand more about it. We provide many fact sheets that outline various aspects of renting, what can go wrong, who is responsible, what the correct process is, and how to fix problems. We also offer information on common problems that may be useful for you.

Tenancy WA does not offer advice or support to landlords or commercial tenants.

  • If you are a residential landlord contact the Department of Commerce on 1300 30 40 54
  • If you are a commercial landlord or tenant contact the Small Business Development Corporation on 131 140