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Tenancy WA – Merger

Tenancy WA has merged with two other community legal centres, the Employment Law Centre and The Humanitarian Group to form a new entity – Circle Green Community Legal. As of 1 October 2020, our services will be provided by Circle Green Community Legal. Click here to access Circle Green’s website.

There will be a transitional period during which our resources will continue to be available on the Tenancy WA website. For more information about accessing our services through Circle Green, please see here. You can also call us during this transitional period on (08) 9221-0088, or for country callers 1800 621 888.

Need advice?

If you rent your home and you are having a problem, in a lot of cases you can resolve the issue yourself when you understand more about it. We provide many fact sheets that outline various aspects of renting, what can go wrong, who is responsible, what the correct process is, and how to fix problems. We also offer information on common problems that may be useful for you.

If you have a tenancy problem that is not covered by one of our fact sheets or you’ve read them and still need more information, you are welcome to contact us for advice on (08) 9221 0088 or for country callers 1800 621 888

Tenancy WA has recently introduced a fee for our legal advice service of $40. We will waive (remove) this fee if you are receiving Centrelink benefits or are in financial difficulty or a crisis - please talk to us about your situation.

And don’t forget that if you need information rather than legal advice, you can call the free Consumer Protection information line on 1300 304 054.

Getting advice

When you contact us for advice we will gather some information about you and your situation. We require your landlord’s name before we can provide you with legal advice. You should be able to find their name on your lease document. If you rent through a Real Estate Agency, they can provide your landlord’s name. If you are having difficulty finding out your landlord’s name, please discuss this with our intake team, they will be able to help you.

Sometimes your information is gathered by one of our student volunteers who help us with administration duties, freeing up time that can be used to help more people. Legal advice is only given to you by one of our Legal Practitioners or Tenant Advocates. Most advice is given to you over the telephone. It is always best to have all your documentation on your rental in front of you.

Call our advice line

(08) 9221 0088 (Metropolitan) 1800 621 888 (Country Free Call)

Our advice line operates Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 4:30pm. One of our team will take your information and ask you some questions about your situation. They will then book you in for a telephone appointment, where you will be provided with legal advice on your tenancy problem. We are a state-wide service and we know that at times it can be difficult to get through on the advice line.

We do not provide email advice.

If your situation is very urgent and you need immediate advice, we recommend you try our advice line, or alternatively you can contact your local tenant advocate.

Why we have introduced a fee

Demand for our services is extremely high. We know there are phone calls on our advice line that are going unanswered, however with our current funding we can’t expand our services to assist those people who are missing out.

Tenancy WA is facing a decrease in the level of funding it receives from the Department of Commerce for the provision of tenancy advice and education services in WA. The source of this funding is income earned on residential tenancy bonds paid to the Bond Administrator and held in trust in the Rental Accommodation account. Very low interest rates over a protracted period has reduced the current level of funding available to provide these services.

Rather than cutting our services and in order to protect the level of service we currently offer, we made the decision to introduce a low-cost service fee. This fee can be waived in certain circumstances. Talk to us about your situation if you have concerns.


Tenancy WA does not offer advice or support to landlords or commercial tenants.

  • If you are a residential landlord contact the Department of Commerce on 1300 30 40 54
  • If you are a commercial landlord or tenant contact the Small Business Development Corporation on 131 140