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Tenancy WA is now part of Circle Green, a merger of three established community legal centres. To access employment law resources and services, please visit our new website.

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Tenancy WA – Merger

Tenancy WA has merged with two other community legal centres, the Employment Law Centre and The Humanitarian Group to form a new entity – Circle Green Community Legal. As of 1 October 2020, our services will be provided by Circle Green Community Legal. 

For more information about accessing our services through Circle Green, please see here.

There will be a transitional period during which our resources will continue to be available on the Tenancy WA website. 

Solving your tenancy problem

When you rent your home you have clear rights and responsibilities under the Residential Tenancies Act. But if a problem happens, it can be hard to stand up for yourself if you don’t have all the information. That’s where we come in. Tenancy WA can offer information, advice and support to help you to resolve your tenancy problem.

There are 3 steps to take so you can resolve the problem you’re having with your rental property.

In a lot of cases you can resolve the issue yourself when you understand more about it. We provide many fact sheets that outline various aspects of renting, what can go wrong, who is responsible, what the correct process is, and how to fix problems.

Before you contact us for advice, it's best to read the appropriate fact sheet. If you don’t know which fact sheet to read, take a look at our common problems page for suggestions.

If your problem is not covered by one of our fact sheets, or you’ve read them and still need more information, you are welcome to contact us for legal advice. 

To request advice, please go to the Circle Green website here.

Depending on your situation and the problem you are experiencing you may require more support. After we have spoken to you on the advice line we may refer you to a Tenant Advocate who can help with more personal support such as writing letters, applications and going to Court. Tenant Advocates are located around the metropolitan area and in many regional centres. You can find more information on the Find a Tenant Advocate page of this website.