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Family Violence

Changes to tenancy Laws in cases of family violence

On 15 April 2019 new tenancy laws came into effect that give greater protection and more options for tenants experiencing Family and Domestic Violence (FDV). 

If you are a tenant dealing with a family or domestic violence situation you now have options on managing your tenancy agreement. Remember, whatever path you choose, your safety is paramount and there are support agencies around to help you. Tenants affected by family and domestic violence (FDV) are now able to:

  • GO - leave a tenancy agreement without going to court and with as little as seven (7) days' notice (you can leave right away for safety but will need to pay rent until the end of the notice period)
  • STAY - apply to court to have a perpetrator’s name removed from a lease
  • Make a rental home safer through lock changes or security upgrades
  • Sort out disputes about property damage, unpaid rent or bonds
  • Seek removal from, or avoid being listed on, a tenancy database if the listing was because of FDV.

For more information on the new changes visit www.safetenancy.wa.gov.au.

For a detailed account of the operation of the laws for tenants see our range of new FDV facts sheets:

  • FDV Fact Sheet 1 - A kit for people who have experienced family violence and need to make changes in their tenancy.
  • FDV Fact Sheet 2 - My co-tenant has issued a Family Violence Termination Notice, what are my rights?
  • FDV Fact Sheet 3 - I’ve been accused of family violence, what are my rights and responsibilities in my tenancy?