We are now Circle Green Community Legal

Tenancy WA is now part of Circle Green, a merger of three established community legal centres. To access employment law resources and services, please visit our new website.

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About us

Tenancy WA is a not for profit specialist community legal centre that provides quality legal services to residential tenants anywhere in Western Australia. We are committed to supporting the fundamental human right to safe, secure and affordable housing.

When we opened our doors in February 2014 we took over the work of the previous Tenants’ Advice Service.

Our funding comes from the WA Department of Commerce and the Commonwealth Attorney General’s Department as a part of the Community Legal Service program in the National Partnership Agreement on Legal Assistance Services.

What we do

WE ADVISE - We offer advice and information to people who rent their home, and have problems with their tenancy.

WE EDUCATE – We provide community education for people who rent their home, as well as those community service workers and tenant advocates who support them.

WE SUPPORT – We support people who rent their home by providing help during Court processes and while they are negotiating with owners and landlords. We also operate as a central resource unit to the WA Tenancy Network, providing support, resources, training and networking opportunities.

WE REFORM – We aim to advance the interests of vulnerable renters in WA by providing law and policy reform advice to the government and undertaking test case litigation.

Our Vision

Safe, secure, affordable homes for people renting in WA

Our Mission

Protecting the right to housing for all tenants through advocacy, advice and education

Our Values

Social Justice - We believe that safe, secure, affordable and appropriate housing is a fundamental human right.

Empowerment - Tenants have the knowledge to resolve residential tenancy issues themselves, or to be aware of and be able to access, advocacy services where they are not yet capable of self help.

Accessibility - Our services are accessible physically, financially, geographically and culturally.

Equity - We honour the diversity of our community regardless of background, gender or varying abilities.

Integrity - Professionalism and integrity in all of our activities, both external and internal.

Excellence – we are committed to providing quality services.